5 Natural Ways To Reduce Morning Sickness During Your Pregnancy

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Morning sickness refers to a number of common experiences women have during the early weeks of pregnancy, which tend to settle down by the end of the first trimester. These symptoms do not only occur during the day, the misleading term "morning sickness" is used to categorize any queasiness either morning, afternoon, evening or the middle of the night. Morning sickness is generally related to the increase of the level of estrogen. While some morning sickness can be inevitable, continue reading more to find 5 natural ways to help keep it at bay.

Root Ginger

Ginger, in its various forms, is almost a guarantee against nausea. This magical root promotes the production of a variety of digestive juices and enzymes, which help to neutralize the acid in your stomach. Your stomach muscles may also relax as the phenols in ginger act in a similar way to a sedative on your irritated stomach tissue. These same phenols also help your intestine remove harmful toxins, and help you digest whatever maybe be causing problems. Ginger can be taken as a capsule, in foods, tea, or you can even nibble on a slice of raw ginger root.

Cider Vinegar Drinks

Apple cider vinegar tends to balance out PH levels, which can be very helpful in settling down your stomach acid that may be causing your nausea. Many women will add just two or three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to their warm morning water in order to prevent nausea. You will find a number of cider vinegar drinks at your local grocery store, as they have become increasingly popular and loved for their healthful benefits in recent years.

Vitamin B6

When you are pregnant, higher levels of estrogen in your system can build up in your liver, which may not be efficiently removing the extra estrogen from your body. Vitamin B6 is a liver-friendly vitamin, helping to optimize the function of your liver, which in turn means it can better clear out excess toxins.

Catch Up on Sleep!

You may find that the period of your pregnancy when morning sickness is most common coincides with an increased desire to sleep more than normal. You should follow your body's impulse and give yourself plenty of rest. Making sure to get plenty of sleep will help your body in myriad ways, not only the prevention of morning sickness!

Don't Let Your Stomach Sit Empty

You may find that eating several meals throughout the day will also help with your morning sickness. If you wake up with morning sickness, try eating easy to digest foods in bed before you even set your feet on the floor. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, treat yourself to a light snack before going back to bed. Throughout the morning and afternoon keep nibbling! Eat small snacks, such as crackers or bread that will be certain to not upset your stomach, every few hours. Also don't forget to keep yourself completely hydrated. Keeping something in your stomach will help reduce nausea.

While morning sickness can be an inevitable part of pregnancy for many women, simply sharing your pain with a sympathetic friend can help you through the day. It may not be what you want to hear when you're not feeling well but mind over matter is a great tool over nausea. Many times your queasiness can manifest due to what may be going on in your mind, such as a fear of throwing up which can make you feel like doing so. Mothers who have been there will be able to ease your discomfort and help you keep your eye on the prize-- your precious baby!