When To Use Menthol Crystals For At-Home Remedies

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Even though you might have heard of menthol and might have bought certain products that had menthol in them, you might have never thought about buying menthol crystals before. If you enjoy at-home remedies, however, it's wise to buy menthol crystals from a place like Mass Corporation to keep on hand. These are a few things that you can use them for.

1. Clear Out Your Sinuses

If you have found yourself dealing with a stuffy nose, congestion in your chest or any other similar sinus issues, you might be looking for relief. If you'd prefer to avoid taking any medication or if you have tried medication and found that it just didn't give you the relief that you are looking for, you do have options. For example, menthol crystals can be used to help clear out your sinuses. Dissolving them in a pot of hot water and holding your face over the steam (being careful not to get so close that you can burn yourself) can help you clear out your sinuses in a more natural way.

2. Make a Menthol Rub

Another thing that you can use menthol crystals for is to make a menthol rub to apply to sore, aching joints. There are a lot of recipes online that you can follow that can allow you to make your own natural menthol rub, which will be similar to some of the products that are sold in stores, but you can control the ingredients yourself if you would prefer for your rub to be as natural as possible.

3. Improve DIY Beauty Products

If you like to make your own DIY beauty products, having menthol crystals on hand can help you improve them. Even though you might tend to use essential oils to add a scent to your products and to make them work, menthol crystals can also be used in certain products for a fresh, minty scent. Just be careful, and avoid using menthol crystals on any product that you will be putting on your eyes or other sensitive areas of the body.

As you can probably see, there are a few different ways that you can use menthol crystals for your at-home remedies. If you would like to give them a try, you should know that you can often find them at natural food and supply stores. You can also find them online. Then, not only can you try these three things, but you can also experiment and come up with your own ways of using them.