Top 4 Ingredients Needed To Make Handcrafted Deodorant

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Dr. Mercola reports that American's spend a whopping $18 billion on deodorant produce each year. He goes on to point out that the aluminum and parabens found in those deodorants may be linked to cancer. On top of that, the store-bought deodorants kill the healthy bacteria under your arms in addition to the bad bacteria. Instead, it is better for your health if you create your own handcrafted deodorant. Below are a list of the most important ingredients needed to do this. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent base for handcrafted natural deodorant for several reasons. It has antibacterial properties that will work with your body to combat the bacteria that causes underarm odor. Next, coconut oil is extremely good at hydrating your skin. That makes it an excellent choice for individuals who tend to suffer from dry skin. Finally, coconut oil has a pleasant scent, so even if you choose not to add essential oils, it will still smell great. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda, is another great ingredient to add to your homemade deodorant. It works as an antiperspirant because it absorbs moisture. In addition, it prevents body odor, which is the entire reason you wear deodorant in the first place. The best part is, you can add a small amount to your deodorant, or a little more if you tend to have overly sweaty underarms. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter is actually considered a super food because of the many nutrients it contains. It also moisturizes skin while providing a little UV protection. That makes it an essential ingredient for your deodorant during the spring and summer months, when you spend the most time outside. As an added bonus, shea butter aids in the the natural collagen production of your body's skin. Over time, it is likely that you'll notice your skin become softer with less wrinkles. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be added to give your handcrafted deodorant a sweet aroma, or to add a health benefit. For example, lavender essential oil is pleasant perfume that also promotes a relaxed feeling that reduces stress. If you use orange essential oil, you'll get a citric scent and both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Should you wish to add to the fight against bacteria, tea tree oil would be the way to go. A few additional essential oils to consider when putting together your deodorant are rosemary, geranium, and lemon.