4 Tips For Buying Essential Oils

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Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular with people who use them for a variety of reasons. Since essential oils are becoming much more popular, there are more retailers selling them, which can make it difficult to ensure that you're purchasing the best product available. If you're interested in buying essential oils, use the following tips to choose which brands to buy and which retailers to purchase from:

Consider the Cost

While essential oils often come in small bottles, it takes a large amount of plant matter in order to harvest just an ounce of oil. Thus, good quality essential oil won't be cheap since a lot of materials are needed in order to make it. Keep this in mind when shopping for essential oils-- if you see oils that are very low priced, there is a good chance that they are not of the highest quality.

Don't Be Swayed by the Terms "Therapeutic" or "Clinical Grade"

It is not uncommon for bottles of essential oil to be labeled as "therapeutic" or "clinical grade. It is important to note that these terms have not been standardized, so they do not actually ensure that one brand of essential oil is actually any better than a brand that is not labeled as "therapeutic" or "clinical grade". Do not let these terms sway your decision on which brand of essential oils to buy.

Understand the Terms Organic, Unsprayed, and Wildcrafted

Essential oil can be labeled as being organic, unsprayed, or wildcrafted. These terms refer to to plant matter that the oils were derived from. Essential oils that are certified organic where made with organic plants. Many people prefer organic essential oils since any chemicals used on a plant while it is growing can become concentrated during the oil distillation process.

If a bottle of essential oil is labeled as being unsprayed, this means that the plant matter was never treated with chemicals, but the farm that it came from is not certified as organic. When an essential oil is labeled as being wildcrafted, it means that the plants use to make the oil were collected from the wild and not grown on a farm.

Country of Origin

Many people want to know the country of origin of their essential oils, especially if they are purchasing organic products. Organic certification standards can vary greatly from one country to another, so if buying an organic essential oil is important to you, make sure that the essential oil was made in the United States.  Contact a company, like Ancient Essence INC, for more help.