Three Natural Ways To Get Relief From Painful Tendonitis

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If you suffer from painful tendonitis, you're undoubtedly already aware of the many negative impacts this condition can have on your overall quality of life. However, you may also be wary of asking your personal physician for prescription painkillers due to these medicines being highly addictive, and as you may have already discovered, over-the-counter painkillers often aren't effective enough to provide any significant relief from tendonitis. Fortunately, you don't have to suffer through the pain of tendonitis, thanks to several effective natural remedies. Following are just three of the available strategies that you can use to manage your tendonitis pain naturally. 

Turmeric Supplements 

Many experts agree that turmeric has substantial anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal supplement for those experiencing pain caused by inflammation of the joints such as tendonitis. The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which has the added benefit of being an extremely strong antioxidant. However, it's important to note that curcumin isn't easily absorbed by the body, so you may be wise to speak with your health care professional concerning the amount you should take for best results. 

Transverse Friction Massage Therapy

Transverse friction massage is a type of massage commonly used to combat the effect of tendonitis. It's been used for decades as a treatment for tendonitis and related conditions, and perhaps best of all, it's completely free because you do it yourself with the pads of your thumb or fingers. Treatment should be done for a maximum of six minutes three times per day, and you should expect to experience some degree of discomfort. The theory behind this treatment is that the inflamed tissues that are the root cause of tendonitis require stimulation in order to heal. It's best to have a health care professional who is skilled in the art of massage show you how to perform traverse friction massage therapy on yourself to ensure that you're doing it properly. 

CBD Tinctures

CBD pure pain relief tinctures are the new kid on the block when it comes to pain relief, and they're proving to be effective, non-addictive, and easy to use. Tinctures are generally placed under the tongue and come in a variety of strengths and flavors. However, topical creams, lotions, and massage oils are also available, and some people prefer them to the tinctures. Although research is still in the initial stages regarding CBD products and pain relief, the existing research looks very promising.