Four Helpful Uses For CBD In Horses

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CBD has been sweeping the nation. More and more, people are enjoying the benefits of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid. But it is not just people who can benefit. If you are a horse owner, you will be pleased to know that CBD also has some helpful uses in horses. Take a look.

Arthritis Management

Many horses develop arthritis as they age, especially if they have spent years in heavy work as a jumper, barrel racer, or endurance mount. They may start coming out of their stall stiff in the morning. Typical injections and feed-through options for arthritis can get really expensive. CBD oil is much more affordable, and it can help alleviate the pain and stiffness of arthritis so your horse is more comfortable. It may help you keep your still-competing horse active for longer, or it may help keep your older, retired horse happier in the pasture.

Calming Effects

Sometimes horses can become nervous in new environments — or when the vet or farrier comes. Rather than dealing with an on-edge horse, consider giving your horse a little CBD. It won't sedate your horse like other methods of calming your horse, but it will naturally quiet them a little. If you show your horse, just make sure you check with the regulating body to see whether or not they permit you to show with CBD or not; some regulating bodies do not allow it.

Low Appetite

Do you have a horse who eats slowly and therefore struggles to put weight on? Make sure you have your vet rule out more serious underlying causes like ulcers and worms. If your horse is otherwise healthy and is just a slow eater, supplementing CBD can help boost their appetite. This is really helpful for those hard-keeper thoroughbreds, especially. You may come down in the morning to find all of the hay and grain actually eaten and your horse steadily gaining weight.

Dental Pain

If your horse has dental problems, they really should see the vet or dentist for professional advice. But some dental problems cannot be fixed overnight. If your horse is experiencing dental pain, CBD can help ease the inflammation and discomfort while everything heals. This will help keep your horse eating comfortably.

CBD tinctures for horses are becoming more popular and for good reason. Visit your local feed store or supplement shop, and look for the equine CBD tincture that you can add to your horse's feed.