4 Facts You Should Know About CBG

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Cannabigerol is a chemical that can be found in hemp plants. In its unaltered form, hemp contains relatively little CBG. However, this cannabinoid can be concentrated so it can be used as a supplement. Cannabigerol has several health care applications. It can be used to treat anxiety, pain, and lack of appetite, among other things. Here are four facts you should know about CBG.

1. It can be taken in conjunction with CBD.

If you already take CBD to help with anxiety, depression, or other health concerns, you can continue to do so. When CBD and CBG are taken together, the supplements can boost the efficacy of each. You can simply add CBG supplements to your current regimen without changing anything.

2. It will not impair you.

THC is the only psychoactive component of cannabis. People who want to benefit from cannabinoids without getting high will be happy to know that CBG will not cause impairment. You can feel free to take CBG throughout the day as often as you need it. Some people like to take CBG in the morning so they can benefit from its effects as they go about their daily tasks. You can even take CBG supplements before work.

3. It is effective when used topically.

CBG does not need to be ingested in order to provide results. You can rub CBG on your skin to benefit from its pain-relieving properties. CBG can reduce inflammation, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone whose joints are inflamed due to arthritis, injury, or immune system disorders. CBG ointments are specially formulated for external use, and they can even be used to kill bacteria. Apply it to acne-prone areas of your body to see a reduction in pustules.

4. It can be taken orally in a form that works for you.

You can find CBG supplements wherever you stock up on natural health care supplies. Some people prefer to purchase CBG in oil form. Hemp oil is minimally refined. It can be added to food or taken on its own. Flavored oils can be more palatable to some. CBG is also available as a water-soluble tincture. Tinctures may be taken sublingually or diluted in water. If you'd rather not taste your CBG supplement at all, you should look for CBG sold in pill form. Each of these forms of CBG is effective.

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