Five Reasons To Practice Face Yoga While Working Remotely

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Over the past year, many people have started working and studying remotely. This has caused major lifestyle changes, and while many people have coped well with the changes, others have experienced a lot of stress. If you find yourself working or studying from home, it is important to take care of yourself, and face yoga can be an excellent part of your self-care routine. 

Face yoga involves a series of facial poses, massage techniques, and stretches to smooth and relax your face. The techniques are simple to learn, and most people practice face yoga when they wake up in the morning and before they go to bed at night. If you are wondering if face yoga is for you, check out these reasons you should try it.

You May Be Using More Of Your Facial Muscles Now 

With video conferencing taking over in-person meetings, a lot more emphasis is put on the face. Your face has to do the job of your entire body in expressing yourself during conference calls. This can lead to tight, fatigued muscles. Face yoga can be a good way of loosening your muscles between calls or preparing for a long day of conference calls. 

You May Not Realize Your Stress Levels 

Even if you do not feel like you are experiencing emotional stress, major life changes can cause physical symptoms of stress, especially if they happen over an extended period of time. Face yoga can help relieve your stress, and you may end up feeling more relaxed after releasing tension you weren't even aware you were holding. 

You Want to Look Your Best 

With time and consistent practice, face yoga can tighten facial muscles and relax wrinkled skin. This can make you appear rejuvenated and fresh, which is important when cameras are often close to the face, showing every sign of aging. While not all face yoga practices involve cosmetics, using a moisturizer as part of your routine can help boost these benefits even more. 

Face Yoga Is Something New to Try 

If you are bored of staying at home and thinking of taking up a new activity, face yoga can be a great investment of your time. It is low energy and has several health benefits. At the same time, you can practice it even in small spaces, and it doesn't require any large, complicated gadgets. This makes it an amazing option for a lockdown self-care routine.