What Issues Can Hemp CBD Lotion Help Manage?

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Standard, moisturizing lotion can ease dry skin. But sometimes, you need a lotion that does a bit more. Hemp CBD lotion is a good option. You can keep it in your medicine cabinet and pull it out whenever you need help dealing with any of the following issues.

General Itchiness

Do you ever feel like your skin is just itchy? Maybe there's also some noticeable redness, or maybe the itchiness is the primary concern. In either case, applying some hemp CBD lotion can really help. CBD is known to help alleviate inflammation, and inflammation is what's at the heart of most itchiness. For best results, apply the lotion after you have showered and while your skin is still a bit moist. In this state, your pores are more open, so the CBD can be more readily absorbed and take action faster.


Acne can be really hard to treat, and there is no single treatment that will erase all acne, for every patient, every time. Hemp CDB lotion is no exception. It is important to understand that it will not miraculously cure your acne—but it can help. Inflammation plays a key role in acne. Blemishes that are swollen and puffy are more obvious and more painful. Applying some hemp CBD lotion can help reduce inflammation and soothe your existing blemishes. It may also calm down your skin, in general, making blemishes less likely in the future.


Do you have any scars on your face from previous acne blemishes or injuries? Hemp CBD lotion can help ease their appearance over time. Your scars will not disappear overnight nor in a week. However, they will slowly become less obvious as you use the CBD lotion day after day. Scarring is, in part, related to inflammation—and as previously mentioned, CBD is excellent at reducing inflammation. The best time to start applying the CBD lotion is as soon as you notice a scar has formed, but you're better late than never with this treatment.

Uneven Skin Tone

Do you feel like parts of your skin are darker than others? Sometimes this occurs due to sun damage. Other times, it is a side effect of having dry skin in some areas. In either case, applying CBD lotion on a regular basis can help even out your skin tone and improve your appearance.

CBD lotion is simply a smart product to have on-hand. It can be used to manage a number of skin conditions and just promotes healthy skin overall, too. Contact a company that provides hemp CBD lotion for more information.