Why IV Vitamin Therapy Is Helpful After A Cold

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The common cold is not typically a major illness. Still, suffering a bout of the cold can be hard on your body, and it's nice to give your body a little extra care once you're recovered. One type of post-cold care you may want to consider is an IV vitamin treatment. You can visit an IV treatment center and spend about 30 to 60 minutes having vitamin and mineral-infused fluid dripped into your veins. Here are some of the benefits of undergoing such a treatment after a cold.

You'll re-hydrate your body

Colds can be pretty dehydrating. When you have a cold, your body produces a lot of extra mucous, which requires the use of extra fluids. Plus, many people do not drink enough to replace their fluids when they have a cold because their throats are sore or their congestion makes drinking uncomfortable. So, an IV is a convenient way to re-hydrate your body after a cold. Although vitamins and minerals are often the focus of the therapy, the IV does deliver a few cups of water into your bloodstream, which allows you to re-hydrate without having to drink lots of fluids. Good hydration will raise your energy levels and help you return to regular life after a cold.

You'll boost your immune system

Your immune system just worked really hard to fight off the cold and get you well again. You may be depleted of various nutrients that your immune system really relies on, such as vitamin C and magnesium. Your IV vitamin drip can improve your levels of these nutrients, allowing your immune system to recover and strengthen itself once again. This reduces your risk of coming down with another cold or illness in the coming weeks.

You'll increase your energy levels

Even when your cold symptoms are gone, you may still feel a bit run down and low-energy. An IV treatment can reverse this. Nutrients like magnesium and potassium can help you feel more energetic and vibrant again. If you're behind at work or in your personal life because you had to take time off due to your cold, an IV vitamin treatment can help you get back out there and catch up.

Visit an IV treatment center near you to learn more about the benefits of such therapy after a cold. Make sure your practitioner knows you've been sick so they can tailor your IV vitamin mixture to those needs.