Tips For Using Reiki Healing To Manage Anxiety

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Living with anxiety can be difficult. There are likely situations you look forward to and want to enjoy, but end up feeling anxious about instead. Anxiety can keep you from taking the next steps in life, and it can interfere with your ability to enjoy time with those you love most. If you're struggling with anxiety, reiki healing can help you calm your worried thoughts and live more comfortably. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to pursue reiki for your anxiety.

Don't stop taking your medications.

If you are taking any medications for anxiety, do not stop taking them without your doctor's guidance. Reiki can be used alongside and in addition to anxiety medications. In fact, this is a common and effective way to use it. If you make a lot of progress with reiki, then you may be able to start weaning off of your anxiety meds — but only under the guidance of a doctor when your anxiety is well under control. For now, treat reiki as a supplemental treatment to ease symptoms not controlled by your meds.

Go whether you feel well or not.

Reiki is a holistic medical practice. In other words, it aims to heal your whole body and mind by adjusting and changing the flow of energy through your body. As such, it can be effective in managing anxiety whether you're feeling anxious when you're receiving the treatment or not. So, if you have a reiki session scheduled, keep it — even if you wake up that day and are not feeling anxious. The healing you receive may help keep you from feeling anxious later on.

Ask about self-reiki treatments.

Your sessions with a reiki healer will be instrumental in managing your anxiety. However, you can also ask the healer to show you some self-reiki moves and techniques to use at home. These can be use in the moment when you're having an anxiety attack or feel one coming on. Self-reiki techniques are not difficult or painful. Most involve specific hand positions, orienting your body in specific ways, and using meditative techniques to clear your mind.

Reiki can be really helpful for anyone with anxiety. Use it in conjunction with any medications you're taking, stick with it, and learn how to do some self-healing. Within a few weeks, you're likely to feel calmer and more focused in your daily life. For more information, contact a reiki healing service such as Organic Reverence.