Monarda Essential Oil: A Good Choice For Flu Season

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They might call the winter months "flu season," but the truth is, all sorts of different illnesses become common during these months. The common cold, coronaviruses, the flu — these are all concerns. One way to help keep your family safe and healthy during flu season is with essential oils, and monarda essential oil in particular. Here's a closer look at using monarda essential oil this flu season.

What is monarda essential oil?

Monarda essential oil is basically the aromatic oil found in a plant called monarda. Another name for monarda is bee balm, and in some stores, you will see this essential oil being sold as bee balm essential oil. The oil has a light, citrus-like scent with some underlying herbal qualities. Most people find it very pleasant.

How does monarda essential oil protect against the flu and other illnesses?

There are two key ways this essential oil can help protect you. First, it has antibiotic and antiseptic qualities, which means it can directly help kill the pathogens that might make you sick. Second, it can help boost your immune system. In other words, it can help make your body better at fighting off those infectious agents. The combination of these effects can make monarda essential oil quite effective at preventing illness. 

How can you use monarda essential oil?

There are many different ways to use monarda essential oil during flu season. Here are a few top options.

Diffuse It

This is a good option when someone in your home has actually been sick, and you want to clear the air. You can put the essential oil in a diffuser, and it will spread through the room. There are also sprays you can spritz into the room one puff at a time.

Take a Bath In It

If you want to specifically keep yourself safe from illness and are not so worried about pathogens in your home, then just add a couple drops of monarda essential oil to your bath water. Soak and enjoy yourself and the benefits.

Apply It to Your Wrists

Finally, consider dabbing a little monarda essential oil on each of your wrists. This will expose your body to some of the oil, and you'll also get to enjoy its scent.

If you're worried about this upcoming flu season, look for a bottle of monarda essential oil. This oil is quite good at preventing illness in the winter months. For more information on monarda essential oil, contact a company near you.