How Is Holistic Health Care Different?

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If you want to start taking a different approach to your health, then you might be thinking of seeing a physician who offers holistic health care. The key way this approach differs is in its intent to treat the "whole" person, rather than just the symptoms and diseases. But what does this actually mean in daily, functional terms? How is working with a holistic health care practitioner different? Take a look. 

A Focus on Preventative Care

Have you ever felt like your doctors just wait for you to get sick, then treat the symptoms, rather than helping you avoid becoming ill in the first place? This is how a lot of Western medical practices work. However, holistic doctors do aim to take a more preventative approach. If you get sick, they will absolutely treat you. But they will also spend time assessing your lifestyle and habits so they can recommend changes that can be made to prevent you from becoming ill down the road. This tends to result in better health and less illness over a lifetime.

Embrace Alternative Treatments

In most cases, you either see a medical doctor or you see an alternative medical practitioner. They're seen as opposite approaches. In holistic medicine, though, this is not the case. Holistic medicine aims to treat the person as a mental, physical, and spiritual being. As such, most holistic medical practitioners embrace and integrate alternative treatments that focus on energy healing and healing the mind. If you feel you benefit from acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, or even reiki, your holistic care doctor can integrate those into your treatment plan, and they won't judge you for it.

More Time Spent

The nature of preventative and whole-body care means that holistic doctors really need to spend time with their patients. If you make an appointment, you can expect to have the doctor's undivided attention for the duration of that visit. This is in stark contrast to so many doctor's visits these days that last only a couple of minutes and have the doctor rushing around with little time to spare. In holistic care, patients generally feel cared for, listened to, and understood.

If you're seeking a change in your health care, consider looking for a holistic doctor in your area. These medical practitioners do a great job of treating the whole body, administering preventative and lifestyle care, and working with alternative medical practitioners. 

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